Hi, I’m Kyle, a music composer and sound designer. I release music under the name Uio Loi.

Select works:

Music composition, sound design, and arranging

Rock Riff Rip-Off — Bloomberg, 2019

Pick Your Own Brexit — Bloomberg Graphics, 2018

E. Michael Harrington on Freeing a Civil Rights Song to Public Domain — Berklee College of Music, 2018

Prince Charles Alexander on The Evolution of Hip Hop — Berklee College of Music, 2018

Susan Rogers on Recording with Prince — Berklee College of Music, 2018

American Mall — Bloomberg, 2018
(OST available here)

Short Film Soundtrack — Tanpopo Noodle Shop, 2017

404 Error Page — Red Bull Music Academy, 2015


Template — Released by Videogamemusic, 2018

Package Trashers — Released by Frere Tuck, 2017

Captured Tracks + Craft Spells — Music Production and Remix, 2015

Various Assets Tokyo 2014 — Released by Red Bull Music Academy, 2015

Hyde Out Productions + Shing02 and Nujabes — Music Production and Remix, 2014

Avocado Shake — Released by Sabacan Records, 2014

All Star Mode Volume One — Released by Videogamemusic, 2014

Pyobachi — Released by Mi Ajira, 2013

Uio Loi — Released by Zoom Lens, 2013

Cane — Released by Opal Tapes, 2013

Caramelism — Self Released, 2012

Radio / Performances / DJ Mixes

Mitamine Lab Mix: 286, 2018

Dublab Guest Session, 2018

NTS Radio Guest Mix with James Pants and Marc Schaller, 2017

NTS Radio Guest Mix with Videogamemusic, 2017

Dublab Guest Mix with Frosty on Celsius Drop, 2017


Uio Loi’s J-Pop Picks, Red Bull Music Academy, 2014

You can find me on the web at Are.na, Twitter, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.

Contact me here.

Available for freelance work.